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RCH Technologies is a remote software development and consultancy company, specialising in Java and Spring application development. Based in Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland, RCH Technologies was founded in 2017 by Jonathan and Rachel Roche. With over 17 years of software development experience, working with some of the largest players in the software industry, RCH Technologies has the knowledge, passion and expertiese required to bring your software development projects to the next level.

Jonathan Roche


Rachel Callan

UX & QA : Rachel Roche

Rachel Callan graduated from NUI Maynooth with a BSc in Arts in 2015, and has a passion for quality and end user experience. She has worked on a vareity of projects with Applegreen and the Dublin Airport Authority. She has also produced the Tots2Todders brand, delivering a number of Android applications focused on Health Family food and meal planning.

Jonathan Roche

DEV : Jonathan Roche

With over 17 years of development experience and two MSCs in software engineering fields, Jonathan Roche can deliver high quality applications using cutting edge technologies and within budget. He has worked with some of the largest software companies in the world, from analysis and design right through the software development cycle to maintenance and support.


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"While I had heard good things about Jonathan for a few years, I first got the opportunity to work directly with him when we set up the team creating monitors for IBM's cloud mail service. Jonathan took on the responsibility to design, test, implement and deploy the monitors that tested the experience of the end-user, both from a web client and from a rich client point of view, creating both a synthetics probe as well as leveraging the APIs to trigger under-the-covers functionality of the service."

"He approached the problem methodically, bringing along junior developers and ultimately providing an insight into the health of end-user side of the service that was far beyond anything that had been available before that. His understanding of the flexibility of Spring and its nuances meant that the end result was flexible, configurable and reliable, delivering the metrics to the monitoring services used by the NOC. All in all, Jonathan is a very skillful developer who also has the ability to see the big picture and deliver what's needed to solve a problem. I can't recommend him highly enough - he's a terrific addition to any organisation."

Brendan Murray, Senior Technical Staff Member @ IBM

"I worked with Jonathan at BSB for two years. Being my first development job, it was great having Jonathan as my team lead. He took the time to help me improve my development skills through code reviews and showed me best practices within the industry. A very driven individual, I remember him completing a Masters in Cloud Computing on the side during his evenings. Couldn't recommend Jonathan highly enough and hopefully I get to work with him again in the future."

Ferghal Smyth, Software Engineer @ RecX

"I worked with Jonathan for a little over a year on a spring based project to black box test functionality of our product. I was part of a small team who reported to Jonathan. He had great grasp of the complexities it would take to see the product to completion, was very approachable with issues and he was a very effective team member, both working on his own and in a group."

James Malone, Software Developer @ Citi

"I worked closely with Jonathan on our Red Zone monitoring probes for IBM SmartCloud Notes Messaging. These probes were instrumental in assessing service health, successful mail delivery and were modified as new capabilities were added to the service. Jonathan was responsive, inquisitive, and communicated process and status well. I knew that I could rely upon him to get to the bottom of any issues in the probes (or service) and to propose solutions to ensure monitors were reliable. Jonathan is an asset to any team he's on."

Sarah Lachance, Product Owner @ Liberty Mutual Insurance


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Integrating SOA design principles into SaaS applications
Feb 2, 2014

Independently, both SOA and SaaS based applications deal with delivering services to business with a focus on improving agility, increasing speed and providing cost reductions. This research investigates a conceptual architecture that uses SOA principles to support the development of SaaS applications.

It is my belief that through the use of SOA in conjunction with Cloud technologies, a software vendor can provide complete service based solutions for many small and medium sized enterprises, with a shorter delivery timeframe and at a reduced cost than traditional implementations.

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Cloud Security: Legal Issues
Apr 14, 2014

Cloud computing, by its nature, presents fresh challenges to the existing legislation governing the security and privacy of customer data. As clouds are essentially data centres or server farms, used to host and maintain customer data, the customer data is no longer under the complete control of the customer themselves. Traditional licensing agreements and contracts may be legally inadequate, and typically do not provide remedies and legal recourse for specific situations. Also, there is an underlying fear amongst some customers with regards to data security, with the protection and privacy of their data, both from loss and inappropriate distribution, being to the fore. This paper will outline some of the legal issues associated with cloud computing and how they may be addressed, and will consider some of the specific legal issues that are relevant for Ireland.

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